CBGP-GAS slideshows :  Présentation des activités 2013-2014 de l'antenne régionale de l'OPIE

Présentation des activités 2013-2014 de l'antenne régionale de l'OPIE
Presentation of the 2013-2014 activities of the regional branch of the OPIE

Presented by Jaulin, Stéphane and Bastien Louboutin
OPIE Office Pour les Insectes et leur Environnement
Since 2012, the Languedoc-Roussillon antenna of the OPIE is hosted within the CBGP. 
It works on five areas of activity related to entomology:   

A) Studies (inventories and monitoring) on the insect fauna, by means of several programs
   in close partnership with other structures;  
B) Vocational training and initiations on insects; 
C) Environment Watch in working groups, 
D) Commissions and scientific advice in relation to conservation; 
E) Publications.

      Supplementary acces: the web-link to the OPIE home page.
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     E) Discipline/approach
     F) Location
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