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16 slideshows found about Axis 1 - Characterization and Evolution of Biodiversity

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   P. Tresson
      Détection et classification d'animaux sur des séquences d'images

   M.C. Bopp
     40-year changes in weed communities induced by management and climate change in Mediterranean vineyards

   D. Santos García
     A song of sap and blood

   L Henckel
     Concilier production et conservation dans les écosystèmes fortement gérés (milieux agricoles et forêts productives)

   Q. Rougemont
     Demographic history shaped within species variation in the deleterious mutation load in a broadly distributed Pacific Salmon

   R. Villoutreix
     Ecological discontinuity packages genes into discrete units of diversity

   B. Michel
     Éléments de Neuroptérologie africaine : fourmilions et ascalaphes

   N. Guilpart
     Europe's soybean self-sufficiency under climate-change: insights from data-driven yield projections using machine-learning

   J. Rouil
     Évolution et dynamique du système di-symbiotique chez les pucerons du genre Cinara
       Evolution and dynamic of di-symbiotic systems in Cinara aphids

   M. Bogaerts Marquez
     Insights into the environmental pressures driving adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster

   J. Gauthier
     La muséomique : une fenêtre sur l’histoire passée des populations

   G. Delvare
     Les Chalcidiens (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) des asphodèles

   R. Allio
     Phylogenomics and comparative genomics: the case of coevolution between the swallowtail butterflies (Papilionidae) and their host plants

   M. Rousselle
     Population size, incomplete lineage sorting and selection in animal genomes

   C. Pelosi
     Soil engineers and their tremendous activity in a changing environment

   E. Call
     The age of museomics: how to get genomic information from museum specimens of Lepidoptera