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   E. Frago
     A meta-analysis on the benefits and costs of hosting secondary endosymbionts in sap-sucking insects

   B. Villegas Ramirez
     A targeted enrichment strategy for the sequencing of medicinal species in the Indonesian Flora

   Z. Boratynski
     Adaptation of rodents to arid environments: Jaculus, colour and remote sensing data

   C. Meynard
     Aires de répartition, métacommunautés et biodiversité : du théorique à l’appliqué

   V. Hivert
     Analysis of genetic differentiation at the NGS era
       Analyse de la différenciation génétique à l'ère des nouvelles technologies de séquençage

   M.D. Greenfield
     Animal choruses emerge from receiver psychology

   I. Bravo
     Asymptomatic, acute or chronic infections: a twisted road from genotype to phenotype in Papillomaviruses
       Infections asymptomatiques, aigües ou chroniques : du génotype au phénotype chez les Papillomavirus

   V. Caron
     Attack of the clones: the introduced willow sawfly in Australia
       Attaque des clones: l'introduction de la Tenthrède du saule (Nematus oligospilus) en Australie

   T. Decaëns
     Barcoding ADN et traits fonctionnels pour l'étude de la dynamique des communautés de vers de terre tropicaux
       DNA Barcoding and functional traits of tropical earthworm communities

   S. Ramos-Onsins
     Bioinformatic and analytical tools for the analysis of whole-genome sequence polymorphism data

   D. Waller
     Causes and consequences of exotic invasions in Wisconsin forests

   S. Blanchet
     Changements globaux et écosystèmes aquatiques : une opportunité pour combiner recherche fondamentale et appliquée
       Global changes and aquatic ecosystems: an opportunity to combine basic and applied research

   M. Barberà
     Circadian clock and photoperiodism in the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum
       Horloge circadienne et photopériodisme chez Acyrthosiphon pisum, le puceron vert du pois

   A. Sheppard
     Classical biological control research at CSIRO: new directions for vertebrates, invertebrates and weeds

   J.C. IIlera
     Colonisation, diversification and extinction in Macaronesian birds: a synthesis of phylogenetic and fossil information

   C. Piou
     Coupling historical prospection data and a remotely-sensed vegetation index for the preventative control of Desert locusts
       Coupler les données historiques de surveillance avec un indice de végétation dérivé d’images satellites pour une meilleure gestion préventive du Criquet pèlerin

   L. Smith
     Current Research at the European Biological Control Laboratory
       EBCL - USDA Agricultural Research Service

   Q. Rougemont
     Demographic history shaped within species variation in the deleterious mutation load in a broadly distributed Pacific Salmon

   D. Carrasco
     Do you remember when? Effect of past experiences in future decisions in a noctuid moth

   E. Saulnier
     EBOV phylodynamics using regression-ABC
       Phylodynamique des pathogènes viraux par calcul bayésien approché

   F. Ecke
     Ecology of hantavirus infections in Sweden: Drivers of the contact zone between the virus, rodents and humans

   A. Gilabert
     Émergence de pathogènes : évolution du parasitisme et adaptation à l'hôte

   A. Fraimout
     Évolution de la variation génétique et phénotypique au cours d'une invasion : le cas de Drosophila suzukii

   E. Jousselin
     Évolution des systèmes di-symbiotiques chez les pucerons

   R. Garnier
     Evolutionary ecology of the dynamics of antibodies
       Écologie évolutive de la dynamique des anticorps

   S. Cornet
     Favorisation de la transmission : manipulation parasitaire et plasticité chez Plasmodium. Le cas de la malaria aviaire
       Adaptations for transmission in avian malaria: parasitic manipulation and plasticity

   N. Rode
     Fitness effect of mutations between phases of the life cycle of the root-rot fungus Heterobasidion parviporum

   S. Catalano
     Human schistosomiasis in the Senegal river basin: does wildlife matter?

   R. Vitalis
     Inférence de l'histoire évolutive des populations
       Inferring evolutionary history of populations

   V. Pavinato
     Influence of historical land use and modern agricultural expansion on the spatial and ecological divergence of sugarcane borer in Brazil
       Influence de l'occupation des sols et de l'expansion agricole sur la divergence spatiale et écologique de la pyrale de la canne à sucre au Brésil

   M. Bogaerts Marquez
     Insights into the environmental pressures driving adaptation in Drosophila melanogaster

   C. Filippone
     Investigation of emerging zoonotic viruses in Europe and Africa

   R. Hufbauer
     Is evolution a driver or passenger of biological invasions ?
       Empirical data from experimentally invading Tribolium populations, and open questions for how to proceed with possible genomic analyses

   U. Berger
     Is our world agent-based and can we model it?
       Notre monde est-il orienté agent et pouvons-nous le modéliser ?

   J. Abbate
     Is recovery more important than resistance ?
       Elevational disease distribution in a natural plant pathogen system: insights from genetic variation in avoidance and recovery resistance

   V. Pavinato
     Joint inference of demography and selection from genomic temporal data using approximate Bayesian computation
       Inférence conjointe de la démographie et de la sélection à partir de données génomiques

   F. Clemente
     Kimtree: dealing with ascertainment bias and selection using SNP data

   O. Bouchez
     La plateforme Génome et Transcriptome de Toulouse
       Toulouse Genomic Core facility

   N. Charbonnel
     Le risque d'émergence de maladies zoonotiques à travers le prisme de l'immunoécologie et de l'immunogénétique
       les rongeurs et hantavirus responsables de fièvres hémorragiques

   C. Perrier
     Local adaptation in blue tit populations: insights from population genomics

   H. Svardal
     Locating introgression and non-tree-like ancestry on a large phylogeny

   D. Navia
     Metabarcoding applied to biological control involving microarthropods: early steps and prospects

   B. Linard
     Metagenome skimming and large-scale comparative genomics of complex arthropod communities

   N. Rode
     Multiple hybrid origins of invasive diploid and polyploid asexual lineages of the brine shrimp Artemia

   J. Pisano
     Out-of-Himalaya: evolutionary history of Dipodoidea (Rodentia) evidences the impact of past Asian environmental changes

   A. Estoup
     Phéno-génomique des populations d'espèces envahissantes : études en cours chez Harmonia axyridis et Drosophila suzukii
       Pheno-genomics of invasive species populations: ongoing studies in Harmonia axyridis and Drosophila suzukii

   R. Oliva Molina
     Physical barriers vs pest. Laboratory for quality control and evaluation of agrotextiles

   M. Rousselle
     Population size, incomplete lineage sorting and selection in animal genomes

   E. Charles
     Présentation de la société montpelliéraine ApoH-Technologies

   K. Maeno
     Propositions to improve the preventive control of Desert locusts based on new knowledge of its ecology
       Propositions pour améliorer la lutte préventive contre le Criquet pèlerin basées sur de nouvelles connaissances de son écologie

   L. Ballesteros-Mejia
     Saturniid and sphingid moths as novel models for the study of insect diversity and macroecology
       Les papillons de nuit (Saturnidés, Sphingidés) comme nouveaux modèles pour l'étude de la diversité et de la macroécologie des insectes

   B. Gauffre
     Spatial heterogeneity in landscape structure influence dispersal and the genetic structure of populations
       empirical evidence from a grasshopper in an agricultural landscape

   A. Sanchez Meseguer
     Spatio-temporal evolution of the genus Hypericum (Hypericaceae): the strategy of the marathon runner

   E. Frago
     Symbionts protect aphids from parasitic wasps by attenuating herbivore-induced plant volatiles

   P. Stuart
     The bank vole invasion in Ireland as a model system to study parasite dynamics and immunogenetics of invaders and natives

   D. Abu Awad
     The consequences of demographic stochasticity on fixation

   C. Guédot
     The establishment of a new pest: phenology, crop susceptibility and impact of landscape on Drosophila suzukii

   S. McCairns
     Tipping the scales. Other lessons in adaptive evolution from the threespine stickleback

   M. Navascués
     Tracking adaptation to environmental changes in experimental or monitored populations
       evaluation of a method to detect loci under selection

   V. Baudrot
     Tracking uncertainties in mechanistic models for risk assessment of pest control strategies

   J.E. Cohen
     Vector-borne disease control and Taylor's law of fluctuation scaling: Chagas disease in Argentina

   F. Mahé
     Vers un meilleur filtrage des données de séquençage pour les analyses de diversité environnementale