Note on the software

   Not a search engine but browsing routes within a research domain


Navigation in the website: the user can move from one information item (click for details) to another by taking any "path". Various tables of contents facilitate browsing. The user can thus nicely reach and navigate into a diverse set of illustrations.

The Centre d'Informations (CI) aim is to articulate and display whatever type of knowledge available on a given field such as, here, the scientific talks held in CBGP.

The software is built as a network of information articulated using concepts (figure). The website should not be understood as a conventional search engine but as different ways to navigate within this knowledge (information and concept) network.

Each information is thoroughly formalized; the aim is not exhaustivity or information amount but rather information quality so as to ensure the best possible articulation within the existing network (quality of the network). This may ensure the subject diversity and, hence, cover the field with good robustness.

Design: Jean Le Fur, 1999


  • Select an entry which seems (even partly) appropriate for you and then navigate until you can display an information.
  • You can thereafter navigate from one information to the other using the associated concepts (links in blue) at the bottom of the page.
  • To go back, use the "backward" button of your browser.


  • Each information is displayed following the same pattern:
    • Title (and details or translated subtitle)
    • Author and institution
    • The illustrations or media which constitute the actual information. they are formalized as clickable buttons corresponding to their type (see the current list of available media)
    • The associated keywords with links when they are shared between several presentations
    • The corresponding navigation items - these links provide access to the set of keywords of the corresponding type, then to related information
    • A navigation suggestion is proposed, based on the most covered path of previous users (number of times this trail has been covered)
    • At the bottom of the page clickable buttons with links to the main crossroads of the website


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