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Last update: march 2021

Nature and aim of the committee (in short)

CSS5 is a french sectoral scientific commission of the IRD (Inst. Res. Dev.)

CSS5 members are involved in quantitative methods of modelling and observation : data collection, data processing, technique focus, modelling, simulation, archiving and data durability, computer science, mathematics, statistics, econometrics, signal physics, and other numerous developments of the kind; all beeing applied researches on complex systems of importance in and for developping countries.

The main prerogative of the scientific committee is to value and provide advices on IRD people, projects and scientific strategy given its realm of competency (access here to CSS5 institutional page).

One second aim of CSS5 (e.g., this web site) is to promote, stimulate, facilitate, enhance... quality research and communication within its field of competencies.

What's new: New scientists and problematics integrating the committee 2020-2016

Session 2020

  • Amaury Dehecq (IGE) on Automated Exploitation of Satellite and Airborne archives to measure glacier displacement and ground movements
  • Benjamin Pillot (Espace-Dev) on Multidimensional Planning of Electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Session 2019

  • Christian Selinger (MIVEGEC) on Multi-Scale Models of Infectious Diseases
  • Sophie Giffard-Roisin (ISTerre) on Machine Learning for Natural Hazards Surveillance, Understanding and Prediction (get her profile)
  • Edi Prifti (UMMISCO) on Precision Medicine Based on Artificial Intelligence and High Speed Data Integration

    Session 2018

    • Senior scientists :
      • Christophe Lett (MARBEC) on Modelling Marine Populations Connectivity for Management (get his profile)
      • Olivier Roche (LMV) on Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Hazards Bound to Volcanic Eruptions (get his profile)
  • Ramsès Djidjou Demasse (MIVEGEC) on Data and Models for Antibiotic Resistance Control (get his profile)
  • Nils Poulicard (IPME) on Modelling Evolution of Microorganisms Associated with Tropical Plants (get his profile)
  • Frédéric Satgé (Espace-Dev) on Remote Sensing Approaches of Anthropogenic Impact on Water Resources (get his profile)

    Session 2017

    • Senior scientist :
      • Olivier Maury (MARBEC) on End-To-End Modelling of Tropical Pelagic Socio-Ecosystems (get his profile)
  • Sylvain Ferrant (CESBIO) on Multi-Scale Coupling of Models and Teledetection Data (get his profile)
  • Amandine Gasc (IMBE) on Biodiversity Study Based on Soundscapes Analyses (get her profile)
  • Jordi Landier (SESSTIM) on Accelerating Malaria Eradication in West Africa (get his profile)

    Session 2016

  • Basile Hector (IGE) on Hyper-Resolved Modelling of the Water Cycle in West Africa (get his profile)
  • Manuela Capello (MARBEC) on Indicators and Coupling Models on Epipelagic Fisheries (get her profile)
  • Louise Brousseau (DIADE) on BioGenomics, BioStatistics, Ecology and Evolution (get her profile)

  • Misc.: useful information collected here and there

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