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Remote Sensing of Tropical Forest
vulnerability of mangrove coasts

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CSS5-IRD :  PROISY, Christophe / Remote Sensing of Tropical Forest Competencies of  PROISY, Christophe , HDR scientist
UMR AMAP   botAny and Modelling of Plant Architecture and vegetation

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Below: competencies in black when any are unique to C. Proisy's profile in the current state of the database

Amazon forestBrazilclimate change impactscoastal processesconservation biologyEcology (forest)Ecology (terrestrial)ecosystem dynamicsecosystem processenvironmentestuaryforest dynamicsFrench GuianaIchthyop (software)image processingimpact assesment (environment)IndiaIndonesiaLidar (Laser aerial Imaging)mangroveMODELLINGmodelling (multi-scale)modelling (physics)monitoring (environmental)multi-scale (spatial)Oceanographyradarremote sensingremote sensing VHSR (Very High Spatial Resolution)SDG 13 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Climate)SDG 14 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Oceans)SDG 15 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Terrestrial ecosystems)South-East Asiaspatial dynamicstropical rain forestUMR AMAP (Botany Model. Plant Architect. Veget.) /


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