CSS5-IRD :  CHAFFARD, Véronique / Information Systems Architecture and Administration

Information Systems Architecture and Administration
IT tools development for data management, discovery and sharing

Competencies of  CHAFFARD, Véronique , engineer
UMR IGE   Institute for Geosciences and Environmental research

/  AMMA-CATCH hydrol. meteorol. observatory /  data citationdata discoverydata disseminationdata infrastructuredata interoperabilitydata managementdata quality assessmentDATA SCIENCEdata sharingdatabase engineeringdatabase management system (DBMS)FAIR (Find, Access, Interoperate, Reuse) datainformation systemInformation Technology (IT)interoperabilityIT system managementland surfacesmetadatamonsoon (west african)observatoryOZCAR critical zone Res. Infrast.SDG 06 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Water and sanitation)SDG 13 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Climate)SDG 15 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Terrestrial ecosystems)Theia (data services infrastr. land surfaces)UMR IGE (Inst. Geosci. Environ. res.)Web portal devel. /

Competencies in black are unique of V. Chaffard 's profile in the current state of the database

data portal CRYOBS-CLIM DB  : datasets of cryospheric components over a large time period and in different climate regions (temperate, tropical, polar)
data portal AMMA-CATCH  : African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Observatory
web link OZCAR: French network of Critical Zone Observatories
web link Theia: Data and services for land surfaces
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Last update : 2019-06-01

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