CSS5-IRD :  GUYOT, Romain / Structure and Evolutionary History of Tropical Plant Genomes

Structure and Evolutionary History of Tropical Plant Genomes
Safeguard, analysis and promotion of wild plant diversity in developing countries

Competencies of  GUYOT, Romain , senior scientist
UMR DIADE   plant DIversity Adaptation and DEvelopment

African riceAndesbiodiversitybioinformaticsBiology (computational)Brazil /  coffee tree (Coffea) /  Colombiacomparative approachcomputer sciencedata (genetics)data analysisdata infrastructuredata processingDNA sequencingdynamical systemEcuadorepigenomicsevolution /  Evolutionary history (plants) /  genetics /  genome diversification /  genome sequencinggenomics /  genomics (evolutive) /  genomics (functional) /  genomics (structural) /  Ghana /  integrative approachIvory CoastMadagascarMolecular Biologymulti-scale (functional)MULTIDISCIPLINARYNGS (Next Generation Sequencing)pan-genomicsphylogeny /  Phytophtora (plant fungus) /  plant biology /  plant variety improvementresearch infrastructureretrotransposonrice /  Rubiaceae (Coffea) /  Sci. administration and managementSDG 02 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Alimentation)SDG 04 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Education)software engineeringSouth AmericaSouth-East Asiatraining (fr: formation)UMR Diade (plant DIversity Adapt. & DEv.) /

Competencies in black are unique of R. Guyot 's profile in the current state of the database

- Data portal DataSud: EVOGEC (Evolution of Coffee trees Genomes) team media and data sets
- GitHub: containing in particular :
                     * Inpactor, Integrated and Parallel Analyzer and Classifier of LTR Retrotransposons
                     * TIP_finder: An HPC Software to Detect Transposable Element Insertion Polymorphisms in Large Genomic Datasets
- data portal WildCofDB : Wild Coffea species database
- web-link Bio Inca  : interdisciplinary research laboratory on biodiversity and sustainable agriculture in the tropical Andes.
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Last update : 2020-11-17

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