CSS5-IRD :  FIAT, Sylvie / Curation, Conservation and Management of Scientific Data Portals on Reef Ecosystems

Curation, Conservation and Management of Scientific Data Portals on Reef Ecosystems
Development, coordination and management of Information Systems

Competencies of  FIAT, Sylvie , engineer
UMR Entropie   Tropical Marine Ecology of the Pacific and Indian Oceans

biodiversity (conservation)biodiversity (island)computer sciencecoral reefdata (fisheries)data analysisdata cleaningdata collectiondata conservationdata curationdata disseminationdata infrastructuredata interoperabilitydata managementdata management plandata poor contextdata preprocessingdata quality assessmentDATA SCIENCEdata securitydata sharingdata warehousedata workflow devel.database engineeringdatabase management system (DBMS)development (software architecture)Ecology (marine)ecosystem (coastal)ecosystem (lagoon or reef)entity linking (fr: annotation sémantique)FAIR (Find, Access, Interoperate, Reuse) dataFiji islandsFisheries science (fr: Halieutique)GBIF (Global Biodiv. Inform. Facility)High Performance Computing (HPC) /  Indo-Pacific /  information systemIT project managementIT system managementMadagascarmetadatamodel (agent-based)multi-agent systemNew Caledoniaobservatoryopen dataopen sciencescientific divingSDG 04 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Education)SDG 14 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Oceans)seamountsensor observation serviceSeychellessoftware engineeringSouth Pacific IslandsThe Reunion Islandtraining (fr: formation)UMR Entropie (Tropic. Mar. Ecol. Pacific Indian Oceans)VanuatuWeb portal devel. /

Competencies in black are unique of S. Fiat 's profile in the current state of the database

GBIF: The international Global Biodiversity Information Facility network
DataSud:   IRD institutional data warehouse
ReefTEMPS:  Pacific Island Coastal Waters Observation Network data portal
RDA: the multi institutions Research Data Alliance dedicated to open sharing of data
LagPlon: the Indo-Pacific marine biodiversity data portal
IR-ILICO:   the Coastal Ocean and Nearshore Observation French Research Infrastructure 
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Last update : 2021-09-25

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