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Vulnerability of African Tropical Forests to Global Changes
satellite/aerial sensing and modelling of canopy trees structure biomass and phenology

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CSS5-IRD :  PLOTON, Pierre / Vulnerability of African Tropical Forests to Global Changes Competencies of  PLOTON, Pierre , PhD scientist
UMR AMAP   botAny and Modelling of Plant Architecture and vegetation

/  biomass (forest) /  Camerooncanopy (forest)carbon cyclecartography and mappingCentral African Republicclimate change impactsdata (satellite)data analysis /  deciduous tree /  deforestation /  ecological transition /  Ecology (forest)Ecology (landscape)Ecology (terrestrial)ecosystem dynamicsforest dynamics /  forest stand /  geomaticsGIS (Geogr. Inform. Sys.)IndialandscapeLidar (Laser aerial Imaging)MODELLING /  modelling (allometry) /  modelling (validation)multi-scale (spatial)multi-sensor approach /  ontogeny /  phenology (forest)population dynamicsremote sensingremote sensing VHSR (Very High Spatial Resolution)satellite productSDG 13 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Climate)SDG 15 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Terrestrial ecosystems)signal processingspatial analysisstatistics (spatial)tropical rain forestUAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, drone)UMR AMAP (Botany Model. Plant Architect. Veget.) /

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The current project is entitled: Functional Dynamics of TropicalForests

- web link Africadiv: a network (or observatory) of permanent forest inventory scientific plots
- web link REDD+: the UN platform to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries - Rep. Dem. Congo facts
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