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Measuring Lagoons Anthropization of South Western Tropical Pacific Ocean
Combining field surveys, ocean color remote sensing database management and algorithmic analyses

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CSS5-IRD :  DUPOUY, Cécile / Measuring Lagoons Anthropization of South Western Tropical Pacific Ocean Competencies of  DUPOUY, Cécile , HDR scientist (RETIRED)
UMR MIO   Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography

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Below: competencies in black when any are unique to C. Dupouy (retired 2024)'s profile in the current state of the database

abstractionalgorithmicsarchipelagoatmospherebiochemistrybiomass (ocean)capacity buildingcarbon cyclecartography and mappingchlorophyllclimate adaptationclimate change impactsclimate-society interactioncoastal processes /  Colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) /  computer sciencecoral reef /  cyanobacteria /  data (optical)data (satellite)data analysisdata processingdatabase engineering /  diazotrophy (nitrogen fixation) /  Ecology (marine)ecosystem (lagoon or reef)ecosystem (marine)ecosystem (tropical pelagic)ecosystem dynamicsenvironment (island)environment (marine)Fiji islandsimage processingindicator (biological)integrative approachisland countrylagoonmulti-spectral imageNew Caledoniaobservatory /  ocean water colour /  Oceanography (biological) /  organic matter /  planktonplankton (phyto)planktonic bloom (FR: efflorescence)remote sensingresearch cruisesatellite productSDG 13 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Climate)SDG 14 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Oceans)South Western Tropical Pacific Oceanspatial analysis /  spectro-fluorescence /  spectrofluorimetry /  statistics (spatial) /  Trichodesmium (cyanobacteria) /  turbidity /  UMR MIO (Mediter. Inst. Oceanogr.) /


Last update : 2023-01-17  (id: 19 )

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