CSS5-IRD :  HECTOR, Basile / Evolution of the Water Cycle Within the Intertropical Band

Evolution of the Water Cycle Within the Intertropical Band
Hyper-resolved modelling of the critical zone

Competencies of  HECTOR, Basile , PhD scientist
UMR IGE   Institute for Geosciences and Environmental research

Benincritical zone /  data (gravimetric) /  data miningGeophysics /  gravimetry (hydro) /  Hydrologyhydrosystemmodel (numerical)MODELLINGmodelling (hyper-resolved)modelling (integrated)non linear dynamicsopen source /  PyGrav (processing of micro-gravity data) /  SahelSDG 06 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Water and sanitation)software engineeringUMR IGE (Inst. Geosci. Environ. res.)water resourcesWest Africa /

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Software : PyGrav  (processing of micro-gravity data)
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Last update : 2017-10-27

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