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Monitoring, Modelling and Simulation of River Hydrology
Proactive Management of Water Reservoirs and Floods in West Africa

Competencies of  BADER, Jean-Claude , scientist
UMR G-EAU   Water Management, Actors, Territories

capacity buildingcomparative approachdam (Hydrology)data (Hydrology) /  data (missing data) /  data analysisdata cleaningdata collectiondata conservationdata managementdata preprocessingdata processingdatabase management system (DBMS)decision support tooldynamical systemexperimental deviceexpertise (engineering)expertise (scientific)flood (fr: crue/inondation)forecastinghydrological basinhydrological monitoring systemHydrology /  hydrometry /  hydrosystemInner Niger Delta /  Lake Chad /  Mali /  model (flow propagation) /  model (autoregressive) /  model (mathematical)model (operational)MODELLINGmodelling (calibration)modelling (hydrodynamics)modelling (hydrological)modelling (mathematical)modelling (predictive)monitoring (hydrology) /  monitoring network /  natural resource managementNiger riveroperational researchprecipitation - rainfallriverSahelSDG 04 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Education)SDG 06 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Water and sanitation) /  SDG 07 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Energy) /  SenegalSenegal riversimulationsimulation (water flow)software engineering /  stream gauge (fr: limnigraphe) /  surface runoff (fr: ruissellement) /  Togo /  UMR G-Eau (Water Management, Actors, Territories)water managementwater policywater resourceswatershed (fr: bassin versant)West Africa /

Competencies in black are unique of J.C. Bader 's profile in the current state of the database

- Book: Monographie hydrologique du fleuve Sénégal (Hydrological monograph of the Senegal River)
- Web link OMVS: Organisation pour la mise en valeur du fleuve Sénégal (The organization for the development of the Senegal River)
- Software : overview of SimulSen; simulation of a multiple objective dam operational management
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Last update : 2021-01-06

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