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Hydrology, Matter Flows and Long-Term Evolution of Very Large River Basins
environmental observatories of inter-tropical and peri-Atlantic wide hydrosystems

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CSS5-IRD :  LARAQUE, Alain / Hydrology, Matter Flows and Long-Term Evolution of Very Large River Basins Competencies of  LARAQUE, Alain , senior scientist (RETIRED)
UMR GET   Geosciences Environment Toulouse

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The behaviors of these often gigantic hydrosystems (over 1 million km2) reflect the climatic, geodynamic
and anthropogenic impacts that affect large areas of the intertropical band.  Their regime and hydro-climatic trends are studied
as hydro-sedimento-bio-geochemical processes in a long-term perspective with strong societal implications.

Data portal SO-HYBAM:  
      observatory on Geodynamical, hydrological and biogeochemical processes
      in the Amazon, Orinoco and Congo basins.
web-link WHYCOS: the World Hydrological Cycle Observation System
Below: competencies in black when any are unique to A. Laraque (retired 2021)'s profile in the current state of the database

Amazon riverAndesanthropogenic impactAtlantic ocean (intertropical) /  behaviour (hydrochemical) /  Brazil /  Caribe island /  Casiquiare watershed (Venezuela) /  Central African Republic /  Chemistry (Geo) /  Chemistry (Hydro-Bio-Geo) /  climate change impactsClimatology (hydro)coastal processesColombia /  Congo watershed /  critical zonedam (Hydrology)data (Hydrology)data collectiondata conservationdata managementDATA SCIENCEecosystem (aquatic)ecosystem dynamicsEcuadorenvironmenterosionexpertise (scientific)French GuianageodynamicsGeophysicsGeosciencehydrological basinhydrological monitoring systemHydrologyhydrosystemimpact assesment (environment)impact assessment (water)inter-tropical (region) /  Magdalena watershed (Colombia) /  matter transportation (Hydrology)Meteorology (hydro)monitoring (environmental)monitoring (long-term)MULTIDISCIPLINARYNordeste (Brazil)observatory /  Orinoco watershed /  OZCAR critical zone Res. Infrast.popularization (fr: vulgarisation) /  Potamology (river streams science) /  research cruiseriverSargassum (seaweed)SDG 06 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Water and sanitation)SDG 13 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Climate)SDG 15 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Terrestrial ecosystems)sediment transportation (Hydrology)South Americatraining (fr: formation) /  UMR GET (Geosci. Environ. Toulouse) /  Venezuelawater managementwater qualitywater resources /


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