CSS5-IRD :  DRAPEAU, Laurent / Spatial Dynamics Modelling of Natural Drivers for Socio-Ecosystems Management and Multidisciplinary Studies

Spatial Dynamics Modelling of Natural Drivers for Socio-Ecosystems Management and Multidisciplinary Studies
applied mathematics, spatial statistics, spatial data infrastructures

Competencies of  DRAPEAU, Laurent , research engineer
UMR CESBIO   Center for the Study of the Biosphere from Space

adaptive managementanthropogenic impactBenguela ecosystem /  business intelligence (fr: inform. décisionnelle) /  capacity buildingcartography and mappingclimate change impactscomputational intelligencecomputer sciencedata (Environmental, Socio-Ecological)data (georeferenced)data (Hydrology)data (satellite)data analysisdata communication networkdata curationdata infrastructuredata interoperabilitydata managementdata miningdata poor contextdata processingDATA SCIENCEdatabase engineeringdatabase management system (DBMS)decision support toolecosystem (aquatic)ecosystem (coastal)ecosystem dynamicseducation / pedagogyexpertise (engineering)FAIR (Find, Access, Interoperate, Reuse) datageomaticsgeostatisticsGIS (Geogr. Inform. Sys.)Guinea rep.habitat (fish)Humboldt ecosysteminformation systemInformation Technology (IT)interoperabilityIT system management /  Kenya /  land surfaces /  Lebanon /  Lidar (Laser aerial Imaging)Mathematics /  Mediterranean region /  Middle EastMODELLINGmodelling (mathematical)modelling (statistical)monitoring (long-term)MoroccoMULTIDISCIPLINARYobservatory /  photogrammetry /  poverty /  refugee /  remote sensingremote sensing VHSR (Very High Spatial Resolution)Sci. administration and managementSDG 01 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Poverty)SDG 06 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Water and sanitation)SDG 10 (Sust. Devel. Goal - World equity)SDG 13 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Climate)SDG 14 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Oceans)SDG 15 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Terrestrial ecosystems)Senegalsensor observation service /  signal processing /  snow cover /  socio-ecosystemSouth Africasouthern mediterranean /  Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) /  statisticsstatistics (spatial)systemic approachtechnology intelligence (fr: veille technol.) /  time series /  training (fr: formation) /  UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, drone) /  UMR CESBIO (Center for the Study of the Biosphere from Space)water resourcesWest Africa /

Competencies in black are unique of L. Drapeau 's profile in the current state of the database

- article: Fayad et al. (2017) Snow observations in Mount Lebanon (2011–2016). Earth System Science Data, 9, 573–587
- web-link OGC: The Open Geospatial international Consortium driven to make geospatial information and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) services 
- data portal WASH: The Water Sanitation Hygiene section of the UNICEF
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