CSS5-IRD :  HABERT, Elisabeth / Management and Dissemination of Georeferenced Data for Heritage and Environment Knowledge

Management and Dissemination of Georeferenced Data for Heritage and Environment Knowledge
cartographic expertise, visual semiotics, participatory mapping, training and education

Competencies of  HABERT, Elisabeth , research engineer
UMR PALOC   Local heritage, environment and globalization

atlas editioncartography and mappingdata (environmental, socio-ecological)data (georeferenced)data analysisdata collectiondata disseminationdata managementdata processingDATA SCIENCEdata warehousedatabase engineeringdecision support tooldelta /  East Timor /  education - pedagogyestuary /  Ethnoecology /  FAIR (Find, Access, Interoperate, Reuse) dataFrench PolynesiaGeography (island)Geography (Social)geomatics /  geopark /  GIS (Geogr. Inform. Sys.)heritage (fr: patrimoine) /  Marquesas islands /  metadatamodel DEM (Digital Elevation Model)MoroccoMULTIDISCIPLINARYNew Caledoniaopen dataopen scienceparticipatory mappingpopularization (fr: vulgarisation)SDG 04 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Education)SDG 16 (Sust. Devel. Goal - Society) /  Semiotics /  Senegal riversocial representationtraining (fr: formation) /  UMR PALOC (heritage, environment, globalization) /  virtual museum /  Web portal devel.web services /

Competencies in black are unique of E. Habert 's profile in the current state of the database

- Web link CFC: Comité Français de Cartographie (French Cartography Committee)
- Web link EuDat: The EU collaborative data infrastructure
- Data portal ZatValley : virtual museum about the Zat valley (Morocco), part of the H2020 GeoParks initiative.
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Last update : 2019-12-30

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