Note on the software

Not a search engine but navigation routes within a research domain.

Navigation in the website : the user can move from one information item (click for details) to another by taking any "path". Various tables of contents facilitate navigation. The user can thus nicely reach items of interest and navigate within the network.

The Centre d'Informations (CI) aim is to articulate and display whatever type of knowledge available on a given field such as, here, the CSS5 members competencies.
The software is built as a network of information articulated using concepts (figure). The website should not be understood as a conventional search engine but as different ways to navigate quickly or quietly within this knowledge (information and concept) network.

Each information is thoroughly formalized; the aim is not exhaustivity or information amount but rather information quality so as to ensure the best possible articulation within the existing network (quality of the network). This may ensure covering the field with robustness.



concept : Jean Le Fur, 1999


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