Mastomys genus as an archetype of small rodents
hosts and their parasites bio-ecology


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Latest : Knowledge of the epidemic network linked to borreliosis
(Report of a mission to Dodel Senegal )

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Latest : Using Flexible Time Scale to Explore the Validity of Agent-Based Models of Ecosystem Dynamics: Application to Simulation of a Wild Rodent Population in a Changing Agricultural Landscape (article)(slideshow)


Designed as an experimental project, SimMasto aims to be a dynamic knowledge centre about the bio-ecological co-evolution of small rodents and their hosted parasites.
The field is also considered here as an integrated whole of each and every scale from genes to ecospheres.

The objective is to contribute to a better understanding of the status, role and fate of these co-evolving pests.

This project is hosted by CBGP, a French multi-field research centre for biology and management of populations


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