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Database on Sahelo-Sudanian rodents
information on available samples and collecting means

This database introduces an observed list of specimens collected since the beginning of the
20th century in the sahelo-soudanian area

- Tables can be accessed by species and/or country.
- They provide information on taxa and collecting location coordinates as well as the
  associated samples (specimens, tissues, parasites).

      TIP: to identify  where samples of a given species have been collected, choose the target
              species and select "ALL" in the country field.

Access to the detailed data (biometry, ...) and samples are welcome and may be
considered through collaborations : contact Laurent.granjon@ird.fr

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Keywords: 1903-2007 /  Anomaluridae /  BDRSS (Base de Données sur les Rongeurs Sahelo Soudaniens) /  Benin /  biogeographyBurkina-FasocollectionCtenodactylidaedatabaseDipodidae /  Erinaceidae /  Gambia /  geolocalization /  Guinea /  Hystricidae /  Ivory coast /  Mali /  Mauritania /  Muridae /  Mustelidae /  Myoxidae /  NigersampleSciuridaeSenegalspecimenSudano-sahelian eco-regiontaxonomyThryonomyidae /  types /  West Africa /  ,

Access to generic themes covered: conceptdiscipline or approachgeographical rangelocationMethod and techniquetaxontime rangetool

Navigation suggestion:Community ecology of rodents in sahelian agro-ecosystems (261)  
Source:Granjon, L. and J.M. Duplantier (2009)Les rongeurs de l'Afrique sahélo-soudanienne. IRD Editions, Publications Scientifiques du Muséum - Collection Faune et Flore tropicales 43 / / ISBN IRD : 978-2-7099-1675-2
Knowledge: no 024 , type: database , posted: 2009-03-17 , proposed by:Granjon, Laurent and Jean-Marc Duplantier (IRD-CBGP)

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