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Community ecology of rodents in sahelian agro-ecosystems
Research program and preliminary field results 2007-2008

A project is described which aims at characterizing the rodent community structures
within irrigated area and their dry surroundings in Senegal and Mali.

     - The group target is an assemblage of rodent species, some of which being pests
       for human health and agriculture. 
     - The context is that of changing environmental and agricultural conditions in Sahel
       as well as structuring processes of the species assemblages.
     - The approach is based on field sampling and monitoring.

The report attached synthesises the research program and the preliminary field data
obtained in 2007-2008.

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Keywords: 2007-2008 /  Acomys /  agriculture /  agro-ecosystem /  Arvicanthisbiotope /  Canal du Sahel /  community /  community structure /  dry season /  ecologyecosystem /  ecotone /  Gerbillinae /  Gerbilliscus /  Gerbillusgerbilshabitatirrigated parcelirrigation schemeMaliMastomysmonitoringMuridaeMurinaeMus musculus /  niche /  Office du Niger /  populationpopulation biology /  Praomys /  project /  rainfed agriculture /  Rattusrice fieldrodentSahelsampling /  scale /  seasonSenegalSenegal river valleySudano-sahelian eco-region /  Taterillus /  villageWest AfricaXerus erythropus /  year /  ,

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Source:Dalecky, A., Bâ, K, Atteyine S. Ag and coll. (2009)Ecologie des communautés de rongeurs dans les agro-écosystèmes sahéliens. Programme de recherche et résultats préliminaires des travaux de terrain effectués au Sénégal et au Mali. Rep. Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Centre de Biologie et de Gestion des Populations (CBGP), UMR IRD - INRA - CIRAD - SupAgro. 19 pp.
Knowledge: no 029 , type: project , posted: 2009-11-04 , proposed by:Dalecky, Ambroise (IRD-CBGP)

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