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Biological and computer study of a capture-mark-recapture experiment
case of Mastomys erythroleucus in a trapping grid of the Bandia Reserve

The web site provide access to information on the subject, gathered during two masters of the C.Diop Univ. Dakar

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Keywords: Bandia Forest reserve (Senegal) /  capture /  capture-mark-recapture (CMR) experiment /  diet /  Lincoln Petersen indice /  Mastomys erythroleucus /  MNA (Minimum Number Alive) indice /  populationpopulation biology /  reproduction cycle /  sex-ratio /  simulation modelling /  trap /  trapping grid /  vegetation /  vital domain /  ,

Access to generic themes covered: biological objectbio-process-mechanismconceptdiscipline or approachhabitatlocationMethod and techniqueparametertaxontool

Navigation suggestion:Post-catch procedures for field processing of rodent and insectivores samples (216)  
Source:Diouf, N. et Diakhate, M. (2013)Two master 2 (bio-ecology and bioinformatics) reports of the C.A.Diop Univ. Dakar, nov. 2013
Knowledge: no 048 , type: , posted: 2015-07-13 , proposed by:Le Fur, Jean (IRD-CBGP)

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