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Working on concepts: the metalist 

puce We try here to gather the various concepts lists dealt with in the scientist group of the project.
puce These lists are elaborated in a top-down manner and are the complementary alternatives of those elaborated in a bottom-up manner in the 'Centre d'Informations (CI)'
puce The lists grow as new terms arrive in the projet, that is without any inner classification. The list item are thus the basic classification stage of the meta-list.


puce Type of output representation used ( propose one or more...)
For each and every type of study or disciplin or scientist group, there exist various type of representation (such as histograms or x-y curves for the most common) which are used and understood by the community. The model should be able in a validation perspective, to reproduce the same kind of output representation.
puce phylogram (phylogenetic tree)
puce plot Fst = f(allele frequency)
puce population density
puce effective population (abundance)
puce caryotype
puce correlation between parastism rate and pregnant, not pregnant, virgin females
puce chromosomic evolution rate
puce "Pests" inventory ( propose one or more... )
puce Ectoparasites (Fleas, ticks, mites)
puce Helminth species - Nematoda (Syphacia nigeriana, Trichuris arvicolae, Aonchotheca wioletti, Eucoleus bacillus)
puce Helminth species - Cestoda larvae (Ecchinococcus multilocularis, Taenia taeniaeformis, Taenia crassiceps)
puce Helminth species - Cestoda adult (Anoplocephaloides dentata, Aprostatandrya sp., Paranoplocephala omphalodes, Hymenolepis horrida)
puce Coccidia species - Sarcocystidae (Frenkelia glareolus, Frenkelia microti, Toxoplasma gondii)
puce Virus (Hantavirus, Undetermined, Orthopox virus, Cowpox virus, Arenavirus, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus)
puce diseases / zoonoses inventory ( propose one or more...)
puce lassa fever
puce roboviroses
puce leptospiroses
puce typhus
puce antavirus
puce TBE (tick borne encephalitis)
puce Echinococcose
puce Toxoplamose
puce hemorrhagic fever

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sources: rodent group meeting 09.06, N.Charbonnel 03.07, R.Vitalis CBGP presentation 03.07, L.Granjon, HDR report, 03.07

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